FUNLFUN – Not so much

Don't expect anything like this!

Don't expect anything like this!

So the idea seems like a good one. Take a wonderfully tasty treat that you can only get by paying exorbitant prices to go to Canada’s Wonderland and bring it to the public via a coffee shop type setup. I imagined a family friendly, kid-centric location which would remind you of the carnival atmosphere that you would associate with funnel cake. Instead, what FunLFun gives you is a stuffy, pretentious espresso bar setup with waitresses falling out of their skimpy outfits. The location itself is attractive but completely inappropriate for the theme. The owners have very little attention to detail and it shows. The menus that we were given were different, obviously printed at different times, one having the store logo as a watermark behind the type, the other without. The painting of the mural on the far wall was a little garish for my liking but not badly executed until they had tried to add their logo to the artwork. The logo, the one thing that you want perfect and to represent your entire concept in a picture looked like it had been painted by a 9 year old. The slogan for the store, “The World’s Best Funnel Cake” was so badly planned that they ran out of space at the end of the banner on the logo leaving what looked like “The World’s Best Funnel Cok”. Not great, but fairly representative of the place as a whole. The staff kept stepping out into the back room to eat their lunch, change their socks and shoes etc all the while leaving the door open so all the guests could see what was going on. The fact that the restaurant is quite dark and the back room area is white and lit with incredibly bright fluorescent lights didn’t help. On the table near us a person I can only assume is the owner’s son was conducting an interview with a prospective waitress, an eager but questionably dressed young lady whose large earrings and poor choice of makeup placed her firmly in the right category for the job. At one point Nicole overheard the guy say “I don’t care about experience, it’s waitressing, it’s not rocket science”. This didn’t seem to register as an insult to her however it was certainly another nail in the coffin of the experience.

The food. The funnel cake itself was apparently tasty although anaemic in its appearance. I was expecting thick ropes of batter intertwined just as you get at Wonderland however apparently the idea of bringing the same method of making the funnel cake as they employ at the park was something only I had thought of. If I had wanted funnel cake, I would have wanted funnel cake as I know it, not some wafer thin imitation. Chalk another one up in the disappointment column. The ice cream was very good, however Nicole’s funnel cake and my ice cream arrived almost 5 minutes apart which just goes to prove that while waitressing may not be rocket science, getting food to the table together may be. As we finished the meal and prepared to pay ($8 for a funnel cake!?) the obnoxious interviewer took exception to our waitress who was trying to give us some privacy while we signed her bill. “Can I help you?” he asked in a brutish and very rude voice. Our waitress was visibly annoyed by him, muttered a veiled insult under her breath and walked away. A spectacularly bitter and awkward way to end what was a hugely disappointing experience. We won’t go back, no matter what, and my money would be on the place being out of business within a year. Don’t rush to try it while it is still around, it is not worth the trip.

Bottom line, if you want funnel cake, go to Wonderland. Even with $50 for admission, it is still a better bet than FunLFun.

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