Switzerland 2010 – Part 1

Day 1

After the drama last night with the passport issue (don’t ask…) it was good to be on our way. The “limo” arrived at 230 as arranged however it was a little Indian guy with a bum leg driving a minivan. Don’t use Aeroport limo service again! We got to the terminal with lots of time to spare, we left from terminal 5 which is nice however we were in gate 33 which is, of course, the furthest gate from anything and everything. We waited a long time for the flight to board and for that reason as soon as they announced that anyone requiring assistance would be allowed to board, Nicole put on her best waddle and we went up to the counter. By the time we got up there with the family towing a gaggle of children, they decided that they weren’t in fact ready for us yet. We retreated back to our seats only to see a Nun with a bad back wander up and be boarded immediately. Not to be outdone by the god squad we all immediately returned to the desk and were ushered onto the plane. This was our luxury flight of the two meaning that as people boarded the plane they had to wander past us sad faced and pathetic wishing that they were sitting in our extra legroom seats. As the plebs were ushered into the rear of the plane we basked in the extra 6 inches of legroom and whopping 4 inches of bum room. The flight went quickly since I got to see district 9 (finally!) and Nicole watched part of Julie and Julia interrupted only by our lunch. I was given a regular pasta meal despite being told at check in that I was slated to receive a seafood meal…. Seafood, on an airoplane, I think not. After dinner I slipped in and out of my pasta coma for the next couple of hours while trying to watch a movie which was so forgettable I can’t even recall the name. Before we knew it our cold pathetic mashed mush and poop on an English muffin came around and it was time to land. We were greeted in England by having to take a bus to the terminal since we landed in terminal 5c which wasn’t finished yet. Makes you wonder why they are using it if it’s not finished. But there we were, in an under construction airport terminal waiting for our connection to Switzerland. On our way between gates we had to go through customs and another security check which were both very fast and efficient even having a bin return system for the plastic bins in which you are supposed to put your shoes and various worldly belongings. There is something appealingly simplistic about being reduced to two plastic bins. We went to the washroom, bought some baby powder and crisps and meandered through the terminal shops marvelling at the unnecessarily inflated pricing.

The flight was full according to the fight staff, their blatant lies being exaggerated by the gaping rows of empty seats towards the back of the plane. Nicole and I took immediate advantage by taking the empty row behind us. The guy with whom we were sharing the row was apparently pretty chuffed too since he went and grabbed his wife from between some suspicious looking strangers and settled into their now luxurious space. We were delayed almost an hour due to the plane de-icing that apparently is only done by one truck. Pitifully inadequate for such a large airport and even if there are more, they were mysteriously not deployed to any of the flights actually waiting to leave.

the flight itself was short and pleasant, we both nodded off of course and despite the attempts of the British Airways staff to cram more substandard dross down our throats we managed to sleep almost the whole way. Deplaning (a term only ever heard in American announcements) was fine; the luggage was there since we were purposefully the very last two to leave the aircraft. We headed to the train station intent on catching the train departing in 8 minutes. Naturally our disappointment continued with the train we were slated to take being cancelled (shock horror) due to a fatal accident on the tracks in Geneva. we got off the train (or detrained if you like) and went to a snack bar where we enjoyed a disgusting snot sandwich which we both think was supposed to be eggplant and was listed as being vegetarian. By this time we were ready for the end, the day had already been long and we were short on sleep. The trains eventually sorted out, our scheduled train being 14 minutes late (which is almost unheard of in Switzerland) and we sat on the rear facing seats listening to a young black girl talk at her friend for the entire duration of the hour plus ride without apparently taking a breath. The only pleasant surprise of the day was seeing dad at the train station without us having to call. We finally got to the house after approximately 20 hours of travel slightly worse for wear but certainly psychologically unfazed. Our balance of the day was spent unpacking, eating and settling in. At this point time meant very little and at some point I suppose we went to bed and tried to sleep.

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