Switzerland 2010 – Part 2

Day 2 was the cold walk down by the lake and little else. A shopping trip to the coop, then a drive down to Placette to walk around the mall. Since it was late in the day, the crowds were minimal so we cruised around each floor then up the escalator. I think we did 3 times, it was 30 minutes anyway. We are both pretty jet lagged still so we did some reading and some TV but in reality we are both just very tired…

Day 3 was the party and Liverpool getting dumped out of the FA Cup by Reading. The party was quite spectacular; the location which was The Hotel Du Lac in Vevey, a truly magnificent hotel recently refurbished to good effect.  There were 28 of us and the atmosphere was truly wonderful. All Mum and Dad’s friends chipped in to get them a return ticket to Canada so that they can come and see their Grand Daughter in the fall. What wonderful people they are!

Day 4 was yesterday which we went to town on the train to Placette for lunch with Fiz and to do some shopping. We got the train back not from platform 28 but from platform 7. The stop is actually Hauteville; the train is the Blonay train. We watched a program about the Dharavi slums outside Mumbai, a real eye opener of a show actually. I also caught part of celebrity big brother which I hope to see more of now I have found it and know who is on. Of course irritating Steven Baldwin is on once again trying to lead everyone to Jesus. We also took a drive along the highway to the big coop to do some grocery shopping. Found some picnic boiled eggs and big bags of pistachios, 600g for 8.99CHF.

Day 5 is today, up late again, its Friday, tomorrow should be the market. Tonight during dinner I managed to break one of our dining chairs. Hardly surprising given that they are older than I am and the whole set has seen better days. I think it is due to the low humidity. Either that or I am too fat for sitting at the dinner table. I think I’ll go with the humidity thing for now.

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