Switzerland 2010 – Part 3

Saturday was dog day we went to Martigny to see the St. Bernard dogs again which are the world’s cutest animals. We had lunch in the cafe at the kennel with the same excellent French fries as last time. The dogs were even cuter if that is possible. At one point the puppies were all asleep and obviously dreaming of chasing Swiss rabbits as they twitched and grumbled their way through their nap time. We did get to spend some time with one of the retired older dogs which was amazing. The sheer size of the animal is quite a thing to see. I thought I had a big head… geez. I stayed up to watch match of the day and saw Liverpool once again lose a match they should easily have won. The only thing that worries me more than their performance is the idea that Guus Hiddink or Alex Mcleish might take the reins. I have been watching some of celebrity BB but it was pre-empted by Nicole and I watching our new best friend Kevin McCloud (seriously!) watching the process of a couple building a cross shaped house out of green oak and glass. The show is called Grand Designs and rapidly became a daily ritual for us.

It’s Sunday afternoon, up late, read for a while and took down the Christmas tree and rearranged the furniture, vacuumed and took more pictures of the mountains. Had feet and meat for lunch (most of the cheese here smells like feet especially when you heat it up and so a cold cut sandwich then becomes feet and meat). Went for a walk in Montreaux and ended up at Zurcher for a small coffee and an even smaller glass of water. The dessert item I had was out of this world I can’t really describe what it was other than two waffly type round biscuits of sugary heaven with a creamy caramel deliciousness in between. We are out tonight for Chinese food at the neighbour and then next week we may be off on our Frenchist road trip depending on the cost of course. I am about half way through the baby whispering book and have picked up some tips however I can’t imagine that a boatload of tips are going to help once I get the baby in my hands and panic.

It’s Tuesday we went to Italy yesterday for pizza, a notion that seems fairly innocuous however on arrival finding that the ovens weren’t on and for the most part Italians obviously don’t actually eat pizza when nobody is looking we ended up in La Croix Blanche and had a very flat but tasty lasagna and some veal. Not young veal however, slightly older and apparently almost adolescent veal which sits better with sensitive types. The drive was only about 90 minutes and well worth the trip. The views were amazing and the food was excellent. Today went to town for coffee with Inge and Freddie both of whom are wonderfully entertaining people. Went for 40 min walk after and then to Charlot’s again for another chorizo sandwich despite last night watching a program called Britain’s most disgusting food: meat. It went into the details of what exactly mechanically separated meat is. It also exposed that you can make a hot dog with zero meat and still call it a hot dog and that a patty with 47% meat and 21 % heart meat can legally be called a beefburger. The sandwich I had was very tasty chorizo and it is made according to Swiss standards but seriously how long it will be until I eat a sausage or hot dog again I can’t say

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