24 weeks – What, 15 to go!?

What I/We have been up to lately:

4th Doctors Appt – 24 weeks
Simon met Dr. T-B for the first time
Belly measurement = 23cm (not 33 like the silly student doctor measured)
Heartbeat = 140bpm (loud & clear)
My Blood Pressure = 110/70
Weight = Too much to mention here
Next appointment – 1 month

The doctor confirmed we will have one more ultrasound to check the fluid in the baby’s kidneys (which isn’t normal) and I am to have the glucose test before my next appointment. Ok, glucose test came and went without any issues. I drank the sugary orange, McDonalds type drink and went back an hour later to give them most of my blood. Hopefully we will hear that everything is fine!

Simons 42nd Birthday – Since we are trying to “save money” we combined MOm & Simon’s birthday with lunch and a show (see below)

Memphis SmokeHouse & Jersey Boys – Simon & I met my parents near the Toronto Arts Centre where the Jersey Boys show was for a huge BBQ birthday lunch. We all shared the “Protein Platter” and even had some for a doggy bag. We walked to the 2pm show and got settled in our seats, which was in the 2nd row from the top of the theater! The venue was fairly small so all of the seats were “good”. The show itself was entertaining and I knew most of the songs – even though they were waaayyy before my time. My favourite of all the songs is “December, 1963”

Meditation – I went to a meditation class this week (Actually, I was the only one who attended – how embarassing) It was quite interesting. We went through the chakras of the body and visualized the “energy” flowing – at first I thought it was kinda silly, but I could really feel the energy! We ended with a journey through the sky in a bubble, overlooking a forest and waterfall then returning back home. I’d definately go back, even just to relax and get away from everything. Here is an example of the chakra stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFqHa4gOP3c

How I’m feeling physically:

Large and getting commented on it. People are still surprised at work when they see me, but now they aren’t afraid to say anything! I’m starting to enjoy the way I am feeling/looking because now I look quite pregnant (but I think it helps I have lots of cute clothes to wear!!)

Lots of movement all the time

I’m worried about work and how long I can continue.  I mean, seperately, all of my jobs are fine.  But put together and working 13+ hour days, that might get to be too much.  I’ll just keep going and see what I can do.

Simon felt her kick (Feb 19) and SAW her kick Feb 24)

Working out is getting a little more difficult. I find I’m moving slower…treadmill at 3.0-3.3, Elliptical on Level 1! How sad 🙁 I’ve been feeling nauseous for the past couple days at the gym, even though I am eating my previous meal well ahead of workout time. My tummy seems soooo full that I can barely do anything

How I’m feeling emotionally:

Pretty good still!  I’ve been talking about my fears with friends to try and calm my nerves about the big day.  I think it is mostly the fear of the unknown….once I take the classes, I hope to be more prepared.  I had a birthing class dilemma (whether to attend or not) but after thinking about it I think we will go.  I like the thought of going in blindly but even for my own interest I’d like to know how everything is going to play out.

How $!m0n is feeling:

Overwhelmed I guess? Today he said:

We are going to have a baby!!
then a little girl
then a teenager
then a young lady
then someone’s fiance
then someone’s wife
then someone’s mother

tell me thats not weird………..

What’s coming up:

A big snowstorm

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2 Responses to 24 weeks – What, 15 to go!?

  1. MUM says:

    Good to know you had a good birthday with your Mum and Si. Sounds like a huge platter.
    the calming class sounds like qiet good fun, who cares if you were the only one there, other folk’s loss.
    I am glad you decided to go to the birth prep classes, they were very helpful even in my day.
    sounds like you are working way too many hours for your own good, try to cut something out would be my advice. Luv M

  2. MUM says:

    Oh what is this about the liquid not being normal in the baby’s kidneys??? sounds weird that they can even test that.

    We are off to an Ice Hockey game with Heini and Mietta today. A long day leaving here at 4pm and home again 11pm. They have offered me fondue as an incitement. I hope I manage to sit for that long. I have been having bad problems with my left knee but it is clearing up. I also Googled the problem with the top of the foot pain. It seems it is caused by not wearing my shoe inserts and since I started again as well as wearing my Birkenstocks it seems to be a lot better. Sitting for a long time like playing bridge etc seems to be the problem which is lasting the longest. Might just have to stop that and Mah Jong.
    Why did your Mum want to know about Euchre? Luv M

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