It’s been a wild few months, so much is happening all around that I am clinging onto the one thing in which I find stability and that is my other blog. It’s easy to write, doesn’t really take that much effort and as an added bonus, helps me to stay on track with my workouts. It’s located here: P90X and it has caused me to rethink much of what I write online, not only content wise, but also location wise. I have, over the years, moved some of my writing to different places. I have renamed my blogs a couple of times and finally, after 12 years of blogging I am about to move my personal blog onto what I hope will be it’s final resting place. An unwanted side effect of this move is the paralysis of my contributions. In addition, we now have this Kay Family blog where Nicole and I try to add posts and update the family on our news. For those of you who are counting that means I now have 3 sites which require my updates on a near daily basis. Now, despite my own aspirations or mental leanings, I am not a writer and spending time each day creating posts for these blogs is not practical. Add to that my gymnastics coaching blog, my photo site and trying to develop an idea for an IT security site I am spread way too thin.

So my grand scheme is to move everything to one place. Have everything under one domain so that I can find it all and keep it all straight. However, moving content is not as easy as it may sound and frankly it is driving me up the wall. An oblique issue is also that the more I maintain my P90X / Insanity site the worse I feel about my personal sites which are supposed to be the epoch of personal blogging achievement. You can tell how all this is starting to slide sideways like a BMW in the snow.

Just for fun, let’s add coaching twice a week, a pregnant wife who wants me to write about my future responsibilities, my own desire to create a dad-to-be checklist of sorts for those just as lost as I am and a laundry list of things that need to be done in the real world before the baby gets here and you can see that the few hours I have away from work are stuffed like a German Sausage and frankly close to splitting.

So a major reorganization is in order. I have all but abandoned my coaching blog which is a terrible disappointment to me but I am committed to keeping both my workout blog (as long as I am doing Beachbody workouts) and my personal blog, wherever it may eventually reside.

I can’t believe that the whole Winter Olympics in Vancouver has gone by without my writing a single word. Sure, the hockey game was exciting, seeing the women’s curling team choke on the last rock was a disappointment and overall Canada did pretty well but not having written about it is a shocker. Maybe it is due to the fact that I have been working hard at home, fixing the mountain of odds and ends that have to be done. I still haven’t finished the trim for the floor, and unfortunately I think I may need to purchase another air compressor to do so. It’s not a huge job, but time consuming and hard on the back. I also have a major decision to make about trim around the fire place. The last thing I need is to make a mess of that area and have it look amateurish. So far we have built furniture for the baby room, I have installed desks, dimmer switches, TV stands, disposed of well over 200lbs of electronics, made multiple trips to the dump (my Dad would be so proud!) and ordered, filled and had removed a 1 square metre garbage box full of random house waste. This past weekend I put up more sturdy shelving in the garage in preparation for creating a workout space and repurposing the basement storage area into a workshop. It’s been a non stop workfest since the pregnancy began and it is only picking up speed as the belly gets bigger.

For those of you men whose partners are recently pregnant let me tell you that you should prepare for the avalanche of to do lists that “the baby room” will generate. Somehow our baby room required the whole house to be redecorated. I have a feeling from the hundreds of web pages Nicole visits that this is not the exception and that in some way the “nesting” thing pregnant women do is as much to do with you going to Home Depot as it does her going to babies-r-us.

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  1. MUM says:

    Your Dad has downloaded thousands of slides, lots of them ancient,onto the computer, I got enthusiastic about putting them in date order and I have the same difficulty as you moving everything into one place. It seemed as if decades would do it but then I came across his trip to Moscow in 1960, that will have to have a folder of it’s own, and it is not the only huge file on one subject. I decided to merge them, moving stuff around the computer meant that yesterday I lost all the ones Rudi took at my birthday. This morning I have found them and I find myself driven up the same wall as you. Luv M

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