33 weeks!

What I/We have been up to lately – list long as I haven’t updated recently!

Get eyebrows threaded – I thought this would be a brilliant idea because I thought waxing during pregnancy would hurt…but I think I could have had my whole body waxed and it wouldn’t have hurt as much as this did!!! Apparently I’ll be hairy for the rest of my pregnancy!

Visit Early Pregnancy Clinic – Nobody seemed overly concerned that I was having stabbing pain inside my pelvis…so I decided to call my doctor and let her know. She said to go upstairs to the clinic where they would check it for me. I expected to be in and out with a diagnosis – so I told Simon and Amy where I was going. Unfortunately they didn’t listen to me 🙁 I was taken in to an assessment room and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor to check the baby – nobody seemed too concerned. It hurt to stand or walk. So I lied down, and fell asleep. I didn’t bring my phone so I had no clue what time it was. I woke up to my name being called on the overhead paging system…Simon and Amy were frantically looking for me everywhere! I told them where I was going! How embarassing! I called Simon and told him where he could find me (again) Anyways, it turns out that it was Round Ligament Pain, which is quite normal during pregnancy. I wish they just told me sooner – but I did get a nice nap out of the whole thing. It hasn’t hurt since that day.

Birchmount Competition – The girls had fun and did well for our first meet. We got 28/40 medals with 2 x 1st place overall, 2 x 2nd place, 2 x 3rd place, 1 x 4th, 1 x 5th place. I was quite surprised with most of their placings and have it all on video tape! The meet was run well, on time, flowed nicely from event to event and the people at Birchmount are all very nice – like one big happy family. Unfortunately Simon was sick (see next event)

 Simon sick – go to emerge dept. – Day 1 at Birchmount Simon was ok…Day 2 (Sunday) went downhill. Simon took 2 pills for his back – the ones he normally takes when it gets sore. We thought it was them that made him drowsy, but this was more than drowsy. This was not good….he was out of it, shakey, not hungry, not thirsty, and had a huge pounding headache! He rested in the coaches room, then went for a nap in the car. Finally, after a couple hours, he was able to come back into the competition for the last rotation. Unfortunately he missed his girls performances – but I caught them on poorly taped video! The next day, he woke up with the same symptoms…but worse. I called the Ontario health line to see what they recommended. His fever was up to 98.3 and his head was still pounding. He didn’t want to go to the walk in clinic….just wanted to wait. His symptoms went away after 4 hours, for 4 hours, then returned! It was a vicious cycle. At 6pm we decided to go to NYGH emerge. He was admitted at 730 to Acute care and was hooked up to fancy medical equipment and had blood and urine tests done. Eventually, all tests came back normal and it was described as a “viral infection” which was much better then the meningitis they thought it could be. We were sent home at 1am with no medications, just told to wait and see….

He was ok to back to work on Wednesday.

House Painting – Paul the Painter was referred to us by our real estate agent and quoted us an amazing price!! $460 for the downstairs hallway, office, upstairs hallway, upstairs landing and 1/2 of the babies room. That included supplies and labour. He was in and out within one day and did an amazing job. Everywere was painted with CIL/Dulux Ivory Beige, and the babies room was done in Purple Foxglove. The baby room is a tad too light, but it will do…I’m already planning his next visit!

Dr’s visit #6 – 33 weeks

Weight 169lbs
Measurement 34cm
Baby heartrate 143bpm
Blood pressure 110/64
Everything is still good…. yay!

Surprise baby shower @ work! – Ok, well it was almost a surprise…

We had a great time thanks to Amy and Sonia who planned all the details. I walked into a very dark room to everyone yelling SURPRISE! I had to break the news to them that I already knew 🙂 There was tons of great potluck food and a couple fun games:

– Guess how big my tummy is with string – Derek won
– Drink the bottle the fastest – Geoff
– Don’t say Baby, Nicole or Simon – Geoff
– Pass the soother on the straw (groups of 4)

I’d say 3/4 of the attendees were male….which is very strange for a baby shower! Twas fun though, I’d like to have another…oh, I will be! 🙂 We got the Play ‘n Pack that I picked in Erie and a $50 gift card for Babies R Us. Very generous of everyone

Begin Prenatal Classes
1) Caring for Baby
2) Preperation for Labour & Delivery

We have attend 3/7 classes and so far so good. The instructors know their stuff – unfortunately class is very late in the day so we have to make schedule changes to attend them and try our best not to fall asleep during them. Here is what we have learned so far:

– Breathing. Light & Slow and Controlled
– What you *need* for baby
– Breastfeeding basics – Video & Practice
– Visit L&D & Recovery Suites
– Learn light breathing he-he-he
– Watch uncomplicated live birth

My friends & family update…

Mom – Still going strong! She is having sleeping problems and doesn’t like taking sleeping pills. It worries me when she randomly falls asleep, especially when she says it happens to her when she is driving. She is up to 94 pounds so her new diet must be helping!

Alleta – Still having a rough time with Lily not sleeping…hmm, maybe my mom and Lily could get together! She is planning my baby shower (which I REALLY appreciate!!) I can’t wait to attend 🙂

Robbin – Is Famous! You can catch a glimpse of Robbin in Barbados with 104.5 + Bare Naked Ladies! She is the one in the green bikini at 1:37. She had an amazing time


Julia – Off to Scotland to work with the gymnastics association for her co-op. What a great experience that will be for her…I can’t wait to hear how she enjoys it.

Nana – This weekend will be Nana M’s 90th birthday!

How I’m feeling physically:

Sausage legs – By the end of the day my toes are little fat sausages…my socks also make marks on my leg

Feet pain – Can’t find a good pair of shoes that don’t make the arches of my feet hurt

Out of breathness – I need to break after climbing ONE flight of stairs!

Still a good sleeper – No issues with my sleeping schedule, besides the waking up 5 times per night to pee. At least I can get back to sleep with no problem

So far no stretch marks – Crossing my fingers none will appear in the next 6 weeks!

How I’m feeling emotionally:

Nervous. I think I always say nervous.
Unsure of the unknown
Relieved that Simon is feeling better

What’s coming up:

Visiting with the “deck guy” – He’ll be over tonight to quote us on a 2 tier deck. Hopefully the price is right

Orangeville Competition – 5 flights over 2 days = alot of hours. Not much $

Continue prenatal classes – 4 to go

Ultrasound – To double check the “cyst” on the bowel or kidney of Baby Kay

2009 Taxes filing – Praying I can get a refund, just once!! PLEASE!


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