The Crescendo

It’s time for the final push to the line. This weekend we are in Rama for the family reunion, next week is the Biggest Loser finale on Wednesday followed by our home competition at Vaughan. Once that is done, Nicole is officially off work and from that point it will be battle stations as the baby could concievably come any time. In reality, the baby could arrive tomorrow in theory however we are (and by we I mean I) hoping that the delivery will be UPS style, on time and seriously predictable.

This past weekend saw us invited to 2 baby showers, one at Gym on Saturday which I attended and one on Sunday at Alleta’s house which was a girls only affair (until it came time to unload the car that is).

Saturday was both surprising and enjoyable. I did not expect to see any of my girls there but 3 of them came by. Not only that, but one of my kids mothers actually baked a bunch of cupcakes for the occasion which were amazing. In fact, now I recall, one of my girls made some herself which were also fantastic! The party was nice, lots of people there, some of which we rarely see any more and there was plenty of food to go around. The kids weren’t too crazy which was odd since they must have all been on sugar overload after the cupcakes and the slab cake! Nicole and I opened the gifts which were very generous and a really touching gesture from people who we really don’t spend a lot of time with but with whom we have a very special relationship. I didn’t go to the Sunday bash, instead I finished one side of the HITW (hole in the wall or passthrough) pictures of which will follow. It is a drastic change once you get the trim attached and it really does look pretty good, although I say so myself. However, the wall will need to be replastered and smoothed out since you can see the mud lines and imperfections that should have been smoothed out by the sanding. I think I need to use a smoother compound than regular mud to get the fill and the finish I need. I am assuming polyfilla or standard skim plaster would do the trick. That being said, the thing looks amazing, just in time too!

So the list of what remains is still pretty extensive…

Buy food to freeze for after the delivery
Finish clearing out the basement and the downstairs bedroom
Drywall the basement laundry room, however they have attached the plumbing to the wall which will make this a challenge.
Build shelving for the basement storage room
Finish the trim around the main floor.
Clean and dust the whole room since it is full of drywall dust now.
Clean up the garage, repurpose the storage, maybe get another disposal bin to help with all the crap we have

and the list goes on…

At least we have enough diapers and wipes to start with… No diaper genie yet but there is another (!!) baby shower this weekend at the reunion.

As far as Nicole goes, she makes very loud and uncomfortable noises all the time now. She is getting exponentially bigger and has gone from a cute swish to a full blown waddle. You can tell that it is very uncomfortable for her, and I can certainly sympathise with her when she says she can’t get comfortable even when she lays down. That in itself is a major blow to the psyche… the one position you could always count on for comfort now gives you no respite. It really really sucks!! However, the good thing is that we only have a few more weeks and then it will be over for her and she can try to return to her old fitness habits and walking like a human not an egg with legs.

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