The Third Month

Wow, time is really flying now, I can’t believe she is already 13 weeks!

IMGP5918She has started to fuss a little bit in the late afternoon but we think that she may be suffering a little from Nicole’s cold. She does sound a bit phlegmy (sp?) and it sounds like she is having a hard time breathing at times. She is really aware of stuff now, although so far the only sounds we are getting are kind of giggles, no real laughing yet. She laughs (silently) a lot which is great and responds really well to both of us even from a distance. Her reflexes are getting better but she still isn’t grabbing things yet. I think her arms and hands are still a bit of a mystery, and a bit of a snack some of the time.

She is eating around 4-6 oz at each feeding, occasionally more but not often. The diapers are escalating however she seems to be a small frequent pooper not a single major pooper if that makes sense. We have, just this past week, started putting her in her crib in her room at night and so far she has been sleeping through the night which I find amazing. Not only because I can get some sleep but also because she seems to respond to the schedule. She still loves her bath time and now doesn’t seem to cry so much after she gets out. At Hastings this weekend everyone was very happy to see her and she got a chance to hang out with cousins Evie and Lily and also Jack, Emma and Sam, the other kids in the group. I can’t believe how big the twins Sam and Emma are now, it seems like just yesterday that they were in their car seats.

Elyse’s eyes are still cool blue, hair is still almost none existent but blonde. I wonder if her eyes will ever change at this point? I hope not because they are so cool looking.
eye closeup

I will try to get some better macro pictures of her eyes, they are a really cool translucent blue.

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