Month 4!

IMGP6022It’s been  a while since we posted here, a combination of being busy at work, Nicole with Momstown stuff and my parents being here. Time is really flying with Elyse now, she is going to be 5 months old this weekend, that is only 1 month off half a year if you can believe that. She is such a delight now. She laughs at you, she is reaching for stuff and is really aware of her surroundings. She can’t quite roll over yet but things are changing so fast that it shouldn’t be long now.

(I just had a panic attack, the pictures were not showing up here since I inadvertently deleted some files off the server. I fixed them but now I find that my personal blog is gone. Everything from June until now gone up in smoke. 🙁  )

Captivated by the fall colours

Captivated by the fall colours

It’s tough to describe, but she is almost totally in control of her arms, but she can’t quite grasp things accurately. She tries to hold the bottle when we feed her and is now reaching for the toys in her play mat. Also, we got her a jolly jumper a couple of weeks ago and guess what her favourite thing to do is now… you got it, jumping like a crazy Kangaroo on Dexedrine while giggling and drooling all over herself. It is a sight to see, let me tell you and it makes her so happy it is hilarious. She is also following her schedule once again, bed at 630, dream feed at 1030 and up at around 6am. This also makes her happy. She never cries for more than a few minutes on going to sleep which is a lot of stress off Nicole and me. We bought her a room heater this past weekend because her room seems cold, it is above the house foyer and garage and so is not as warm as the rest of the house. The thing is great, programmable, oscillating and it makes a very soothing humming noise which I am sure she finds calming. We also just got her another jumpy thing off Kijiji. I am sure it has a name, I just don’t know what it is. It suspends her in a chair so she can jump and have things around her at the same time. It takes up a lot less room than the Jolly Jumper but I don’t think she likes it as much. She has also fallen out with her bouncy chair which she will tolerate if she has just woken up and her swing which apparently she now hates. She is still, however, officially a happy baby. She can sit and watch me doing my P90X or insanity stuff in the basement just as happily as if she was watching Nicole in the kitchen or in front of a football game! She hasn’t really made friends with Lightning yet, and I am not sure he is up for that any time soon.

IMGP6137Nicole is busy with Momstown stuff, she is running the Biggest Loser competition and I try to give some advice to the contestants when I can. A bunch of us went to a farm in Zephyr this past weekend to go in the maze and see the pumpkins which was a lot of fun. It was a little cold but the sun was out and it was quite an enjoyable place. They have 3 mazes you can enjoy, a 5 minute, a 2o minute which we did and a 40 minute which is a bit of overkill I think. The farm was quite charming, lots of farmy type animals and they have a small store you can get fresh baked goods, and some spectacular sausages AND Bison or Elk steaks.

We are fast approaching eCareII Launch when I will be working 12 hour shifts. That is not going to be any fun at all but it will mean not sitting in traffic for an hour like I did this morning!

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