Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant – Newmarket

We went to Cynthia’s with Uncle Mike while he was staying with us basically becasue everywhere else was full and it was close by. We have eaten their take out many times and have always been happy with the food. As luck would have it, it was Chinese New Year and we were greeted at the door by a woman with the biggest hat I have ever seen. She looked like someone had strapped a christmas tree to her haid while she was sleeping…

We were served quickly and very politely, the hallmark of the Chinese Food Restaurant and the food arrived very quickly. Even though the restaurant was very busy, the service was excellent. The items we ordered were as follows:

Scallops and prawns
Chicken Balls (S&S)
Lemon Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice
Boiled White Rice
Vegetables with cashews
Spring Rolls
Egg Rolls

The food was excellent, far too much for us to finish. The flavours were well balanced in the seafood dish and went along nicely with the sledgehammer sauce that accompanied the chicken balls. The chicken itself was crispy and well done while the chicken balls were not at all doughy but were crispy and light. The rice was natural tasting without that chemical taste you get at some chinese restarants and you could taste the chicken in the fried rice. The spring rolls were not greasy and as far as I could tell the egg rolls were also crispy, not soggy.

All in all, a very good experience and one which we will no doubt repeat. The ambiance was very enjoyable, and I would bet it would be like that any time, not just over new years.

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