Fathead – Movie Review (Documentary, actually)

I watched this movie, mostly because it is recommended for anyone wanting to know more about the farce that is the medical and nutritional information out there regarding our diet. The other reason is that it is touted as the “follow-up” to “Supersize Me” which I actually enjoyed, blissful in my ignorance. I say ignorance because I am usually critical of most things I see on the TV or internet and somehow this one got by me. Maybe because I have been blinded by years of false information feeding us the line that fat is the enemy and therefore fast food is somehow making us all fat, even those of us who don’t eat the stuff. It is almost as if the whole medical profession and the food companies (read grain producers) have banded together to point the finger at fat as being the single worst thing in the world. Funny… I guess it is the old bait and switch because as it turns out, it’s not fat at all, it’s sugar. The movie “Fathead” makes one very good point and that is that it appears as though we have all been part of a giant experiment to see if the Lipid Hypothesis and all the support for the Food Pyramid is really valid and it appears as though it is not. We have long been told to eat grains, in fact, to eat most of our calories from grains but in reality what we are doing is spiking our insulin and making ourselves fatter. It’s funny, if you talk to anyone over the age of 60 and ask them what their parents or grandparents would think about a diet of bread, pasta and potatoes and they will tell you exactly what we are not being told, it will MAKE YOU FAT! If they knew, then when did we become so smart that we knew better? I would suggest it was when we started converting the majority of the US and Canadian prairies into massive commodity goods producing farmland. Once wheat, soybean and corn took over, the food manufacturers had to find something to do with all that product. High Fructose Corn Syrup, sybean oil, canola oil and so on were born. This stuff is boring to most so I will stop now, but reading The Vegetarian Myth certainly began to open my eyes to the problems we are facing from the agriculturization of our prairies and the issues that providing for a vegetarian diet causes.

But, to my point… I really just wanted to say that I feel fantastic. i have been keeping away from saturated fats for so long that I forgot how good you feel when your body is getting the correct foods. Maybe I am wrong, it could be the fruit but somehow I doubt it. My mental alertness is better and my mood is definitely better. Also, I don’t feel so creaky in the morning regardless of the fact that I now have 2 impeding injuries. I knew that on the Paleo diet it was going to be difficult not having grains at all but let me tell you that having saturated fats more than makes up for it. Keeping my fitday diary has made sure that even though I can scramble eggs with a bit of butter and have bacon and beef again my calories are still below what I need to maintain this obtuse weight. If nothing else, you should watch Fathead because it makes you wake up to the biological fact as to why you are overweight and unhealthy and that is the blood glucose problems that carbohydrates bring. Insulin is the enemy and whatever aggravates your insulin is a problem. That also explains the hypothesis and success behind the GI diets from a couple of years ago since low GI foods don’t spike your blood sugar and therefore don’t tell your body to stay fat.

I’m down 30lbs. That seems like evidence enough.

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