Last Blast of Winter and Baby Updates

167748_10150117835158383_509113382_7653645_163344_n (1)Last night was the end, I can feel it. The weather has been steadily improving in fits and starts as usual but we were promised a few days of normal temeratures and we got a deluge of snow. It’s 3 already this morning and by the weekend I can guarantee we will have some flowers poking their heads out of the ground. Spring is a pretty special time of year, it’s Nicole’s favourite season so she is bound to be excited. It’s nice to be able to drive with windows down and even better to have the french doors open in the house and of course, to use the new deck! Things will be extra exciting this year becasue it’s Elyse’s first spring, her first introduction to the best thing about Canada which is the seasonal changes. She is really changing herself nowadays (not literally, that would be a miracle!!) on her 9 month birthday she learned to crawl, just days after she learned to stand by herself. Nicole has her taking a few steps every day, it’s just bizarre that she can walk already! Her crawling is a bit odd, she uses one knee but one foot so she does tend to go in circles a little, one good thing though since I put the hardwood in you can hear her slapping the floor as she goes along. Once the slapping stops you need to look and see what she has found! Yesterday was another big day, she sprouted her first tooth. Illogically, I came home expecting a big shiny white tooth but of course all you can see is a tiny white dot in her gum. Still exciting though. Let’s hope she learns to look where she is crawling so that she doesn’t knock it out by banging her face on the wall…

Things with Nicole and I are pretty hectic at the moment, because I was given the Evolution Gymnastics competitive group full time. That is a 3 day a week commitment which is fine however, I am also still doing recreational on the other 2 days which means basically last week and this week we have hardly seen each other. The good news is that this week is the end of rec for me and so I will be back to just the 3 days. With the amount of working out that Nicole and I do plus the baby and the coaching our lives are pretty hectic but the one thing I have learned from Nicole over the years is not to shy away from having full days. I realize that we have financial challenges now with the baby, but having 2 jobs seems pretty normal to me now. If you had asked me before I met Nicole if I would even dream about having a second job I would have called you crazy but watching Nicole’s work ethic, and realizing that my Mum and Dad both did the same things when I was a kid makes it all make sense. It does help that I love my second job, I can’t imagine a more rewarding job than helping children achieve their goals. And it’s not just children, I derive great pleasure from helping people with their fitness and diet and for some time now I have thought that doing it full time not be a bad thing. It’s a great backup plan, and a wonderful second income but I have to admit the security of my hospital job can’t be beat. Also, if I am honest, I still really enjoy the security and technical aspects of my work. The environment could be better, and the politics could certainly be more positive but all in all, I am fortunate to have 2 jobs that interest, challenge and reward me in the way they do.

“You don’t know tired and you don’t know love until you have children”

That was a comment from my co-worker Bob that I have always remembered. He said that when his kids were born 7 years ago and he is right. It’s a different kind of love, for sure, but you have no idea the strength of the attachment you have to your child. It makes you crazy, knowing how you feel and realizing suddenly that your parents probably felt the same about you and all the things from your childhood come racing back with a different perspective. It’s so sad in so many ways that our wisdom often comes so late, but truly, better late than never!

I am running  “Biggest Loser 6 – Summer Sprint 2011” at work in another attempt to help my co-workers lose their unwanted pounds and also in the process make some money off them HAHAHAHAH!!! I wrote in my fitness blog the other day about how sad it is that the Biggest Loser on TV is necessary and how people need to realize what they are doing to themselves. It was a bit of a rant, but it kind of burns me that we reward people for failing and then recovering from something that was completely avoidable. Anyway, I don’t need to climb on my soapbox today so I will let that be. BL6 weigh in was this morning and I was down 5lbs for the last 2 weeks however it’s not really reflective of my weigh since I have clothes on, it’s not an ideal time of day and so on. My weight clothed is now 249.4 which means my actual weigh is probably around the 245lb mark. That’s 38lbs down from October when I “went Paleo” with my diet but also 48lbs down from my heaviest.

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