Allergic – Welcome To 2012

Nicole went for allergy tests today, apparently she is allergic to the cat the most! But also she is allergic to all the usual outdoor stuff, trees, ragweed, grass etc. We are still no closer to understanding why she breaks out occasionally with spinach but I am betting it’s because it is processed with something else or is grown in an area where there is a lot of allergens present. Anyway, it means Lightning can’t grow ragweed in the house any more.

I tried to make a NYR that I would write here more often, since it’s only Jan 20th does that count as keeping my resolution? We had a terrible time in Switzerland over Christmas health wise, I mean it was great to see the family and for them to see how big Elyse is now but the fact that we were all completely wiped out by whatever Elyse let loose on us was not great. We didn’t really do very much, in fact Dad was in bed for a couple of days which I cannot ever remember happening and Fiona went back to England and promptly spent the next 2 weeks recovering! Elyse thank goodness was much better on the plane ride back, it’s just too bad that was the one where she would wake up ready to party at midnight! We got searched at Pearson, something that has never happened to be but since I had an amazing parking spot by the door and there was a 25% discount for the holidays I suppose it all evened itself out.

I am still posting almost every day on my fitness site and teaching a bootcamp class at gymnastics to a group of 4 mothers and siblings plus my girls. It’s been a real joy to do actually, lots of prep work but really something that I have enjoyed doing. We are about 10 weeks away from competition and the girls have just started to learn their floor routines and beam routines. It’s been hard finding time to do it especially with Elyse around but Nicole has done a great job as usual. In fact, Nicole is so good that she got a special reward at work for being such a standout! Way to go Nicole!

Elyse is not speaking yet however yesterday I could have sworn that she said please and thank you after I prompted her. I hope they are teaching her that much at school. She is eating and sleeping fine most of the time but of course is plagued by sickness from all the other kids. Nicole cut her bangs the other day, saving us $25 on a haircut and I think doing a better job! Elyse is also in gymnastics as you can see, although it’s not very challenging and she prefers to run over to my bootcamp class I think she is enjoying being all crazy in the gym!

I sold my old rims off the Jeep yesterday for $350 which is a nice little bonus. I will use the money towards something boring I am sure like bills or daycare but every little bit helps. Mum and Dad are helping with daycare costs which is a huge relief, it will give us a chance to dig ourselves out of the hole we seem to be in perpetually. I recently was able to save us $130 a month off our TV, internet and phone bill so that will also assist.

That’s the update for now, I will try to get here at least once a week to post something if not more.


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