Elyse is now at the point where she can tolerate things in her hair. Nicole bought her some baby hair ties and so today for the first time she went to school with pigtails. Of course it was adorable! Last night I taught the latest installment of my bootcamp class which was a tough one. This morning I do feel a little sore, but not as sore as I do when I take 2 days off… Lately I have been helping Sophie with her new workout system, she and her husband are trying to get into P90X but like me she has back issues. She has a challenge finding a place for her chin up bar which for me is an unavoidable and critical piece of the program. Along with her, BK at work had also tried to get on the P90X bandwagon, I even loaned him a pair of dumbbells but apparently it just wasn’t enough. His newest thing is to get a gym membership… sigh.

What about the new car? My coworker recently ordered the same vehicle for his family and even though his wife gets to drive it every day he loves it. I have to admit that even though I was a committed Jeep driver, this Ford Edge has been the best car I have ever owned with the exception of my beautiful Eagle Talon. It’s huge inside, rides really well, has handled the snow and ice well so far even though we have not had a winter storm as of yet (and it’s almost the end of January!). It may sound odd but the best thing about it is the automatic tailgate. I can’t tell you how many times that has helped moving groceries into and out of the back. The only problem is that it only just fits in the garage with no room to spare. I may have to modify my workbench at the back of the garage to earn a little room back there. The Jeep had enough room that I could get around it to the other side of the garage with the door closed. Not so now, there is zero room to spare.

As for work, Nicole is working on replacing the helpdesk software and I am currently moving people off our remote access system and onto the Cisco ASA that I installed not too long ago. Work is OK, it’s shitty not getting cost of living raises since we are dropping further and further back each year, and we see the nurses with their union jobs getting all the money, it really makes me sick especially since they are taking regular jobs on the back of their union salary and therefore making way too much and taking wages away from the rest of us. Canadian health care, gotta love it.

Last night we had a visit from a giant raccoon who somehow managed to climb all the way up the deck and onto the upper level. He was scratching around at the back door and when lightning and I turned on the outside light and the curtains there he was, just sitting there. He was enormous, easily bigger than lightning and once I knocked on the window he ambled across the deck, ckimbed up onto the railing and turned around and glared at us. Then, very stealthily for a fat rodent he climbed head first down the 4×4 and out of sight. I was completely gobsmacked that he had managed to get up there in the first place and then to see him head down the support was unbelievable. I had an afterthought that I maybe could have spared him some food but the last thing I need is families of raccoons partying into the night on my deck.


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