Foot and Hand and Mouth Disease. It’s Not Just For Kids (and it’s not Lupus).

I am pretty much never sick unless I am sick. I am not a hypochondriac or easily put off by sickness. In contrast I am fond of hospital stays and love going to the doctor. It’s safe to say that if I think there is something wrong, then there is definitely something wrong. This time though I think I had a perfect storm of 3 things go against me this past weekend that have resulted in me being basically quarantined at home. There is no delicate way to say it, I have foot and hand and mouth disease. Apparently it’s pretty common in Canada and most people get it when they are kids and get over it. It is infections by saliva and other body fluids but not by touch so I am told. Elyse got a fever last week, that was probably her getting the thing and then getting over it. For me, it was a little different, let me just go over what happened.

Thursday I went to get beef at the butcher. I also asked him to grind some pork for me for pickup on Friday. I didn’t touch the frozen beef at all, just let it thaw in the fridge. Friday I picked up the pork and went to gym to coach. I was fine, nothing really wrong just tired after a long week. Nicole had taken Thursday off with Elyse since she got sent home with a fever the previous day. After coaching I cooked some of the beef and pork and has some for dinner. I admit one of the beef pounds was greyed throughout and I was a little suspicious but it smelled fine. Saturday morning I got up early with the baby but wasn’t feeling great at all. I was hot, feverish and I thought maybe the beef had been off a bit. My stomach was upset but I also had a sore throat which confused me. I also noticed that I was starting to get my face rash again which I usually get when I am sick or stressed. I think it is seborrheic dermatitis as it comes and goes (this is also what the OH lady thinks).  By mid morning Saturday I texted Nicole that I had a fever which ranged from around 101-103 on our crappy thermometer.

The weekend didn’t get any better. I was lethargic, unable to move much to do anything, Nicole put it down to my weekend sickness that she perceives I get every weekend in order to sit and watch football and not help with the baby. Besides the underwhelming support of my family I tried to work out Saturday and it went OK but I was tired, had a hard time breathing and was unable to swallow properly. As Sunday rolled around I was up early with the baby again but wasn’t able to do much. My face now looked like I had a fight with a cheese grater I was unable to eat anything because my throat was just too painful and swollen and my stomach was still hurting. I tried to explain this to Nicole but she still insisted I was playing it up just to be lazy for the day. Little did she know I had a REAL disease! Sunday was pretty bad but Monday was worse. My hands now were extremely painful and I had developed small red dots under my fingertips. They were not raised at all, just under the skin but it felt like I had burned my fingers on a hot pan. They were starting to itch in addition to the tactile pain and I was truly falling apart. Not only that, I went to coach boot camp only to find that my feet also were extremely painful as if I had taken a walk on a hot beach and burned the soles of my feet. I had put hydrocortisone cream on my face and head where the rash was and it was a little better but I still looked like the inception for the zombie apocalypse. Coaching was OK, I was tired from not eating but I made it through. Monday morning I couldn’t swallow at all, Tuesday morning was about the same. My face was slowly recovering and I was starting to look human again but the dots on my fingers were getting worse and my arms were now splotchy also. I booked a doctor’s appointment and poured another gallon of cream on my face.

Wednesday Nicole and I dropped Elyse off at daycare and like a holy grail on the door is a sign – FOOT AND HAND AND MOUTH INFECTION. Long story short I went to Occupational Health, they took a look at me and told me to go to a clinic immediately were the nice young Asian doctor told me I had it. At least it wasn’t Lupus, it’s never Lupus. I am not sure what part the beef played, if any. I am not even sure that I didn’t have a cold on top of everything but what I do know is that this was the sickest I have been in a while evidenced by the massive outbreak of grossness on my face which made me look like I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Luckily for you all I got pictures which I have put into a little gallery for you to see…





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