Foreboding and The Best Valentine’s Gift

I wrote this on Groundhog Day:

Elyse got sent home from daycare the other day with a fever, so Nicole spent yesterday at home with her. She seemed fine today and we took her to class as per usual this morning. She has been trying to say more words now and she does understand a lot. If you ask her if she is done or if she wants some more she gets what you mean and replies accordingly. She knows where the garbage is and what to put in it and will even do do it herself. She is starting to grasp the idea of nose blowing but still is only a wiper not a blower. And speaking of blowing she has some hot scrambled egg the other day and when I blew on mine to cool it down she immediately picked up on it and did the same. Instant learning, very cool. She also had gymnastics last night which she appears to be enjoying although it’s a little disconcerting when I am laying on the floor teaching my bootcamp participants to do crunches with heavy dumbbells directly above their faces and suddenly there is her giggling face staring down at me.

Less than 3 days later I was stricken with foot and hand and mouth disease. My last post covered that nightmare and so it’s on to Valentines Day and my own sense that even though I don’t agree with the day at all there are 2 factors at play. First, it’s my birthday in a week and I don’t want to tick anybody off. Second just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean I should make my wonderful wife suffer. So I did what any decent man at this time of year would do and I bought her 2 Cadbury Creme eggs after all, nothing says I love you more than a creme egg does it?

I put the measuring chart up in the basement and we now have documented proof of how fast Elyse is growing. She has grown about an inch in a month according to the wall in the kitchen where I marked her with pencil but that’s not the official mark any more. Nicole measured her by taking her picture against the chart, I think that’s the best way to do it, along with a little marker to show the date.

Elyse went to daycare today with her red Hello Kitty shirt on for Valentine’s Day and she looked so adorable. I am sure that the pictures will be up on Facebook tonight so check it out. I will post one here once we get them off the camera so you can all see how cute she really is.


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