It’s all kinds of hot here

We are having an unseasonable warm spell here in Toronto. As the clocks sprang forwards the temperature went up. It’s now March 15 and today it’s going to be 21 degrees out and not only that, it’s going to stay that way for the next two weeks so they say. This is my kind of winter! We are pretty good with the daycare dropoff now, Elyse isn’t crying at all, in fact she has learned to give us both a kiss and a hug and get her papers out for some serious colouring time. Apparently she has developed a friendship with a little girl called Alaya who is a couple of months younger than her. The supervisors say that they have a wrestling game they play out in the yard which by the sound of it seems more like a hugging contest to me. When we drop off Elyse in the morning Alaya is always smiling and giggling as she sits down, it’s the cutest thing!

Also on the cuteness front Elyse has learned the value of holding hands and the other morning when we were getting her ready she got her shoes on and reached out for my hand and said “Daddy?”. Moments like that are why you have children, it was priceless. They have been taking colour pictures each day of the kids wearing different colour outfits, so on yellow day all the kids had to wear yellow and they are making a rainbow of all the pictures. That’s what those pics at the top are.

For a while there she was happy to eat eggs with me in the mornings, now however it’s pretty much “NO!” to everything. Once she has said no, she will mostly eat whatever it was you were offering but for the time being toast and yoghurt are her breakfast staples and of course, a banana. Nicole and I are trying to arrange a vacation for us to Vegas, Sonia and Darren are already booked and wanted us to go with them. It’s a $1500 trip though, so maybe we will have to skip it. Nicole is going to Florida in April for work and with my coaching, competition weekends and her birthday April looks pretty busy. I am going to need to find a babysitter for Nicole’s vacation time so I can coach and go to my competition, I think it’s time to bring in the grandparents again! And speaking of grandparents, Mum and Dad are supposed to be coming over in May for a couple of weeks which will be great because I think they are here for Elyse’s  second birthday which would be great timing. It’s really nice to be coming into spring so early, I have already cleaned up the garage and changed the oil in the car so I am getting a good and early start on the warm weather. I think this year I will have to make a bigger effort to clear out the garage, we can really use the space both for summertime DIY and winter car storage. Even though I only used the snow blower once this year, I had the car in the garage a few times and it is a tight squeeze.

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