Vegas 2012 day 1

I knew today was going to be weird, I had a gymnastics competition to go to at 1:30 pm and a plane to Vegas already a planned for 7:30pm. It was going to be difficult making everything work but the first piece of news that led me to believe it was going to be a great day was my athlete had a rest rotation at the end of her competition meaning I was going to be able to leave a little early. She did well which was a relief and I was happy for her since it was her first competition in two years due to injuries. I left the competition early and picked Nicole up at the hospital. Even with the traffic we were 2.5 hours early for the plane so we spent our time eating pepperoni sticks and gross plastic cheese strings. I tried to get out seas changed because the airline had us one seat behind the other, I wwasn’t able to get the first flight changed but we swapped seats with a helpful passenger anyway. The second flight was swapped to get us next to eacable and not only that but we had one of the few rows with only 2 people which was amazing! We had to swap planes in Detroit and I have to say that detroits new airport is amazing. Clean, modern, it has a monorail and a really cool underground tunnel that is like a mini Fremont street! We didn’t have to wait long for the plane to board however once we pushed back from the gate we were told there was an error on the dashboard and we would have to return. We sat at the gate while the engineers rebooted the plane and we were on our way only 75 minutes late. They managed to make up lots of time and we landed in Vegas only 35minutes late. Nicole saw some wonderful thunder and lightning storms from the plane windowwand although the turbulence was disturbing I thint delta did a great job at getting us there. The same cant be said for air Canada and Sonia and Darren who, once we landed in Vegas, we found out had missed their plane due to strike action and wouldn’t be there!!! We took our $35 taxi to the mirage and waited in line to check in. Nicole had sent me a website that had claimed if you give the front desk staff a $20 when you check in that you can get a room upgrade so I thought it was worth a try and when we got to Jon at the front desk I gave him my visa, a $20 and my license and he was happy to upgrade us to a tower room with a strip and pool view on the top floor! I was honestly surprised that it worked but it was really worth it. After our lucky day I was honestly exhausted so I went to bed while Nicole went to the casino for a drink and a slot play. I have to say it was a pretty amazing day of good luck, good timing and good decisions, just too bad that our friends didn’t have such good fortune with their flight.

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