Summer 2012 Update

The big news of the summer has to be Elyse and her potty training escapade. 3 days of training and it was out of the diapers and into the big girl underwear. It really was a remarkable transformation, and vindicated the feelings I have always had that seeing 3, 4 and 5 year olds wandering around in diapers is just wrong. Nicole found a system online thanks to a friend from Momstown called the 3 day potty trainer. As per usual, it’s hard not to gush about the small things that she is doing on a daily basis which are as entertaining for us if not anyone else. Her latest thing was to jump off the couch last night to stretch with Daddy in the living room as I got ready to go into the garage to do my lifting session. But the majority of the summer has been the delight with which she says “I pee toilet!” after she finishes and now, with even more conviction ” poo toilet!”. As for the training itself, it was pretty straightforward, the first day was filled with accidents all over the place but she got the idea very quickly and by halfway through day 2 she was already hooked on the idea of asking to go. This was completely due to Nicole saying “tell Mommy if you have to go peepee, OK? About a thousand times. Well ok, not literally, but every 5 minutes or less for 12 hours straight would make it aroung 150 times! I stayed off work for day 3 but I didn’t even have to remind her to ask me, she just declared ” Daddy, pee toilet!”. The pooping part took longer, but after a few tearful accidents where we found a small golf ball of poop in her underwear she started to get the hang of that too. Unfortunately she still tends to want to go several times before she poops, I am guessing as time goes along she will get used to the urgency of that part also.

The latest news is her return to Gymnastics but also her starting to take swimming lessons. We have only had 2 but already she is getting more used to taking the shower (which she hated). I have to think that it’s something she has picked up from Nicole, not wanting to get her hair wet, since it seems that whatever you do, however innocuous, children will pick up on it. She seems to like the pool, although she shivers the entire time and the few times that we have had the chance to go in a hotel pool she has really enjoyed herself. For me this is great news on many fronts, not only is she learning a life saving skill but she is starting to share my love of the water too. I remember quite vividly when I was younger, I guess maybe 5 to 9 or so that my Dad would take my sister and I down to the baths for swimming on the weekend. I can still picture the whole event from the lobby of the pool with it’s super wide staircase leading to the balcony and snack bar to the tiled change rooms with the open showers. I also remember being amused by the ankle deep wading pool entrance that you had to go through to get to the pools, which is something they don’t have here in Canada. Those are some great childhood memories, and not only because we got to get 4oz of sweets afterwards, chocolate covered peanuts for Fiz and chocolate covered raisins for me but because it was something that I just loved to do and we did it together as a family. I just hope that Elyse continues to enjoy swimming as much as I and I will try my best to make sure she gets the chance to swim whenever possible.


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