Been a while – Merry Christmas 2016

So we had some big events the last little while and since it’s been way too long since I actually updated here I thought at least a short list of some things would be nice. However it’s been so long, that I can’t pretend to remember everything.

After my surgery I was up and about fairly quickly and although in the 3 years since I have had a couple of instances where the nerves have been caught for the most part it’s been OK. I definitely have slowed down at the gym but in large part to the fact that my diet changes have kept my weight  under control without the need for massive caloric expenditure. It’s been a very long time since I had any sugar or grains, 8 years I think and it’s just how I live now. Nicole passed her 40th birthday this year, and Fiona turned 50 which is really freaking me out. Nicole and I were supposed to be going for a big trip  for her 40th but due to financial restrictions and a lack of time we have postposned for the time being. It’s also going to be our 10th wedding anniversary next year and my 50th the year after so there are plenty of excuses to take a big trip somewhere when we get some time and money together. Elyse is growing like a weed, she is pretty much at 4ft tall now. She lost her first tooth this week and at school is impressing with her reading skills and won the empathy award for her class this year. She has been in and out of gymnastics class, taking some with Nicole and some with the rec groups while also doing swimming in the summer (lots of use in Cuba!) and skating in the winter. The saddest development over the past few years is the passing of Nicole’s mum, Barb. She had a long battle with COPD and depression over the last few years and although she always put on a brave face it was obvious that it was taking a toll on her. In late November she passed away and the whole family came out for the funeral in Cobourg. It was a wonderful send off for her, she was so obviously loved by everyone who knew her. John has been dealing with it very well from what I can tell, I don’t really know or want to think how I would handle losing Nicole at this point. Nicole herself has been very strong, it has been a very long and stressful situation for her to be in and as people have said to her so often it’s best that it’s over and Barb’s suffering is done.

Another sad piece of news that is ongoing is that Sarah, our boss at Evolution Gymnastics has been diagnosed with cancer. It was a sudden discovery and a couple of weeks after the initial diagnosis she has been told it’s stage 4. She is fighting hard and has a lot of support and we both hope that somehow she is able to pull through.

I would like to say that I will be updating more on here, it would be such a great way to keep track of Elyse’s progress now she is in grade 1 and starting to develop a real personality and friendships with her school mates. Sadly I don’t have enough time, I barely am keeping up with my own blog with work being so busy and now coaching 16 hours a week with the Provincial group. But we will do what we can. The first tooth was a big deal, unfortunately the dentist seems to think she’s not brushing properly… at 6 she has 2 cavities so we have to do better… All in all life in Ontario is moving along and if things at work develop like they have been promised I hope the new year will bring some new responsibilities and some financial benefits.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year.

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